Prolets are specifically designed to create a comprehensive, knowledgeable and proactive service for your rental investments. We pride ourselves on moving with the market and providing the best advice on maximizing your assets, no matter how the rental market is performing. As such, we look to create fluidity between offering top quality accommodation for both students and the professional demographic, and we work to avoid negative trends and ‘seasonal’ tenancies. Our ability to rent properties as a whole on singular Assured Shorthold Tenancies and additionally on room only rental agreements assure success in achieving strong occupancy rates.
Please see below for our step by step approach to ensuring optimal asset management

Valuation and Advise
We meet you to advise on your property or portfolio. Rental values and potential improvements to achieve rental and capital value uplifts. Our sister company Target Five can scope, tender and manage any renovation works.

Tenants Move In
After a full inventory, ASTs signed, Gas Safety and EPC provided, keys are handed over and the tenant moves in.

All tenants are quickly and efficiently referenced with holding deposits taken. The landlord and tenants are kept informed at all times.
We Are Instructed
Your property is professionally photographed to look its best and listed on major portals as well as our own bespoke website. We have a large database of existing tenants who look for our properties first.

Your property is professionally photographed to look its best and listed on major portals as well as our own bespoke website. We have a large database of existing tenants who look for our properties first.

Your Property Is Let
80% of our properties are let within 2 weeks of coming to market and at 95% of the asking price.


How much will it cost me to let my property?

This will depends on how much support you need. At Prolets we offer three main service levels: Tenant Find, Rent Collection, and Fully Managed. Each involves a different degree of service from us and the fees we charge reflect this. Be sure you understand an agent’s fees and exactly what you receive for your money when you ask them to conduct a lettings valuation.

Why should I choose a managing agent rather than look after the property myself?

Choosing a fully managed service allows you to completely relax. You never have to worry about the let. It creates a professional distance between you and the tenancy, and means you can avoid having to deal with all the time consuming issues like rent arrears and deposit disputes if they were ever to occur.

How will I receive my rent?

If you choose a Rent Collect or Fully Managed service, we will organise for the tenant to pay the rent via standing order or direct debit. We will then transfer the money to your account minus our commission and any outgoings or fees (such as maintenance work fees). You will receive a statement every month.

What happens with my tenants deposit?

Landlords and letting agents are required to register tenants’ deposits with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. At Stulets, we register our deposits with the TDS. The deposit is then either held by the landlord, the agent or the deposit scheme itself. The Tenancy Deposit Scheme is there to protect the tenant’s money and help to resolve any disputes at the end of the tenancy. It benefits from tenant and the landlord.

What if the tenant damages my property?

Either the tenant pays to fix the damage, or the cost for fixing the damage is removed from the tenant’s security deposit at the end of the tenancy. However, fair wear and tear should be allowed for

Who will pay the council tax? - The landlord or the tenant?

The tenant is responsible for the council tax (unless you decide to include this in the rent) but this needs to be clearly stated in the tenancy agreement. If the property is standing empty, it is the landlord’s responsibility to pay. If the tenants are students then they are exempt from paying council tax and no one needs to pay this for the duration of the tenancy.

Why should I have an inventory?

An inventory is a detailed list of the contents and condition of your property taken before the tenant moves in. It is important that if there is a dispute over damage at the end of the tenancy, you have proof of the original condition of the property and its contents.

How do I check my furniture is compliant?

You must ensure that all furnishings comply with furniture and furnishing regulations. All compliant furniture must display standard labels in a prominent position. This is to reduce the risk of fire within the property.

Why do I need an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC for short, is a report detailing the energy efficiency of a property. It gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. All landlords are required to purchase an EPC for a property before they let it and, from 1st April 2018, the property must have a minimum rating of E on its EPC. It will be unlawful to rent a property which breaches this requirement with a penalty of up to £4,000.

Is the property inspected during the tenancy?

Yes. The landlord or letting agent can give the tenant notice that they will be visiting the property to check it is being looked after and to see if there are any potential maintenance issues.